March 10, 2020
Increasing the Availability of Program-level Information for Students and Families

Vice President for Policy and Advocacy

Earlier this week, we joined 52 other organizations that represent and advocate for students, families, and taxpayers to encourage the U.S. Department of Education not to weaken the disclosure requirements under its gainful employment (GE) regulation.

We need more—not less—information about how much it costs to pursue a particular academic program at a college or university and how students in that program do after they graduate.

Program-level information on price, debt, and outcomes can help students and families make better decisions not just about which college or university to attend, but also which academic programs to pursue. This information can also help institutions improve their programs and ensure that they continue to meet the needs of students, industry, and society.

We believe that information for all academic programs at all institutions should be publicly available. We support federal and state efforts to increase the availability of program-level information. And we encourage all colleges and universities, especially those offering programs that are not currently subject to the GE regulation, to disclose program-level information in the spirit of transparency and accountability.