May 7, 2019
Introducing Partners' Campus Coordinators

Partners' newest student coordinators may represent diverse political views, but they are in complete agreement when it comes to college affordability and the need to be heard on issues like tuition increases.

Nicholas Da Silva is a Virginia Commonwealth University student and community organizer in Richmond. He helped found and runs the Young Democratic Socialists of America at VCU and is involved in politics across Virginia.

"I got involved with Partners after organizing students at VCU to fight increasingly expensive tuition hikes," says Nick.

"The administration of my university refused to listen to student and community voices, and we were given no opportunity for public comment,” adds Nick.  "I hope that working with Partners will give me an opportunity to make a real difference for my fellow students."

A third year student at the University of Virginia, Tanner Hirschfeld has already been active in more than eight political campaigns over the last two years, most recently serving as the youth director in a United States Senate primary. He was formerly the chairman of the Millennial Advocacy Council PAC, advocating within the Republican Party for issues important to millennials.

Tanner also serves as a vice-president at OpenPoll Inc., a startup specializing in digital advertising, polling, and peer to peer texting.  

"I’m excited to be a part of the important work Partners is doing on behalf of students across Virginia,” says Tanner.

"It was definitely an easy decision to get involved, as I’ve always been passionate about college affordability.  With the sticker price on many college degrees exceeding that of a Lamborghini, something needs to change,” Tanner adds.

Both Tanner and Nick believe that Partners’ advocacy will continue to make a difference for students and their families, and we welcome them both!