March 10, 2020
Leading From The Front


Sometimes, leading from the front can be a little daunting.  And occasionally, it helps to look in the rear view mirror to see if anyone’s following.  Well, they are.

In a survey released just last month, 84 percent of Americans who say the country’s higher education system is going in the wrong direction say high tuition costs is the biggest reason. And on that point, there’s no partisan divide about affordability.1

The Pew Research Center, a nationally recognized and non-partisan fact tank, reports that 92 percent of Americans who identify or lean Democrat and 77 percent who identify or lean Republican say colleges and universities are wrong to keep raising tuition.

These are all big numbers, just as the four percent of those surveyed who say high tuition costs aren’t a problem is . . . well, you can decide what to call it. 2

There’s no question that high tuition costs are plainly driving a crisis of student debt.  Topped only by what we owe for our homes, student debt stands at over $1.5 trillion.  It isn’t shrinking.  It’s crippling graduates struggling for economic stability.  And Americans know it.

So, is Partners on the right track?  Yes.  And thanks for your support.

- James

Dr. James Toscano
Partners for College Affordability & Public Trust