May 7, 2019
Partners in the Daily Press: Tuition Can be Predictable and Not Affordable

This is a time of the year when folks are thinking about the holidays, but the packages two Virginia schools just delivered to the homes of college hopefuls couldn’t be more poorly-timed.

Saying predictability is more important than affordability, decision-makers at Christopher Newport University and the College of William & Mary have just approved respective tuition and fee increases of 6.7 and 5.4 percent.

Nor did they use plain brown paper to wrap their gifts.  

Instead, their presents are emblazoned with words like promise and guarantee.  And yes, they look pretty. . . until you look inside the box.

Staying the course and constantly ramping up the cost of a college degree may not matter to some.  

But for many Virginians looking for a degree at a price they can afford, it’s gotten out of hand.

In an opinion column that ran yesterday in the Daily Press, we call for more oversight and legislative curiosity before it’s too late.

We hope you’ll agree, and thanks for your support as we work together to create more academic opportunities for success.

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