May 7, 2019
Partners in The Virginian-Pilot: College affordability within reach

In the wake of a bipartisan movement within the Virginia General Assembly to “draw a line in the sand when it comes to the price of a state-supported college degree,” Partners’ president Dr. James Toscano weighs in on the initiative as college governing boards consider state lawmakers’ offer of tuition moderation funding.

During this year’s legislative session, the Virginia General Assembly allocated an additional $52.5 million for public colleges and universities who agree to freeze in-state tuition for the coming year. The budget bill is currently awaiting action by the governor.

“But overall, our lawmakers have offered a bargain that our colleges and universities would be crazy not to accept, and I wouldn’t want to have to explain to students why I chose to increase tuition instead of accepting additional state funding.

“In short, this is a reasonable first step toward putting an end to a tuition arms race that nobody — least of all many Virginia’s families — can rationally sustain.”

Over the past year, Partners led the fight for real and meaningful reform to help make college more affordable for Virginia’s students and their families. Thanks in part to our efforts, the General Assembly recently passed legislation that will increase transparency, accountability, and affordability within public colleges and universities. (Read more here)

“When Partners for College Affordability and Public Trust started this campaign to rein in out-of-control tuition, we expected to meet resistance. But we also knew that if we could elevate the voices and concerns of students and families who are saddled with rising tuition bills, lawmakers would work to find solutions.”

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