July 1, 2020
Partners Launches the Virginia College Affordability Policy Council

RICHMOND, VA - Today, Partners for College Affordability and Public Trust announced the formation of a new policy council to identify solutions to problems of affordability and workforce readiness in Virginia higher education. The council's membership includes CEOs from various industries, senior executives in finance, technology and energy sectors, nonprofit executives representing small businesses, bankers and other public interests, former college presidents, trustees, senior administrators, and current college students.

"This council brings together the best thinkers and leaders from across the Commonwealth to address one of the most persistent domestic policy issues facing Virginia and the nation," said Partners president Dr. James Toscano. "Partners is proud to host this important conversation with our all-star council members, and we look forward to learning their unique perspectives and ideas on building a better future for students, families and the public."

The council, chaired by Dr. James V. Koch and Mr. Brett Vassey, will convene in Richmond for its first meeting on October 3rd.

Virginia College Affordability Policy Council

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