June 14, 2019
Questions about College Affordability for Governing Boards of Public Colleges and Universities

In its 2018 survey of college and university board members about pressing issues in higher education, the Association of Governing Boards of Universities and Colleges found that board members at public institutions were most concerned about the following:

  1. Price of higher education for students and their families
  2. Decrease in state funding for higher education
  3. Financial sustainability of higher education institutions

In almost every state, governing boards of public colleges and universities are appointed by the governor. In some states, they’re elected. Regardless of how they’re selected, we think board members should have the resources they need to make more informed decisions about college affordability and fulfill their responsibilities to students, families, and the taxpaying public.

As former institutional “insiders,” we have unique insight into questions about college affordability that board members should be asking themselves and the leadership of the institutions they govern.

That’s why we’ve developed Questions about College Affordability, a document that can help board members ask the right—and sometimes difficult—questions. The document includes questions about board members’ understanding of their roles, the institution’s business model, how tuition and fees are set, and whether the institution is truly affordable for their students—especially low-income, minority, and underrepresented populations.

Take a look!