May 7, 2019
The cost of VA's public colleges is too much, economists say

In a November 30th story The Virginian-Pilot newspaper, Dr. Jim Koch, a Partners board member, warned that “We are closing off the ladders of opportunity” for Virginian students due to the escalating cost of public higher education in the Commonwealth.
“Old Dominion University economists say ballooning tuition and fees at state-run colleges and universities are making it more difficult for cash-strapped Virginians to attend. When they can, they often emerge with debilitating student-loan debt, limiting their ability to contribute to the greater economy, according to the economists’ recent 2017 State of the Region and Commonwealth reports. Try buying a car, let alone buying a house or starting a business, when you’re still decades away from paying for your degree.”
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The full economic analysis, “Affordability And Access In Virginia Public Higher Education,” is available here: