May 7, 2019
VCU Students Take Bipartisan Stand Against Proposed Tuition Hike

Today, Partners for College Affordability and Public Trust released a statement in response to a bipartisan effort by VCU students against the proposed 6.8% - 8.1% tuition hike being considered by the VCU Board of Visitors this Friday, May 11th. In a joint statement released earlier today, the VCU Young Democrats and the VCU College Republicans expressed a "firm and unwavering opposition" to the proposed tuition hike while calling for "full transparency." Other student organizations that have expressed opposition to the tuition increase proposals include the Young Democratic Socialists at VCU and the Students for Equal Adjunct Pay. 

"It's encouraging to see VCU students across the political spectrum take a united stance against a proposed tuition hike that would have significant impact on the student body," said Stacie Gordon, State Advocacy Manager for Partners for College Affordability and Public Trust. "These students deserve to have their voices and concerns heard when it comes to the cost of their education, but there is a startling lack of accountability and transparency in the tuition setting process. It's concerning that university leadership would proceed without a public comment period at their board meeting - it's exactly this kind of situation which led the Virginia House of Delegates to pass public comment legislation this session."

Last week, Partners for College Affordability and Public Trust launched a digital campaign to provide students and parents of Virginia Commonwealth University a platform to voice their concerns over the tuition hike proposals. The campaign includes an online petition, email campaign, and a video ad featuring current VCU students who express frustration over the rising cost of tuition and the lack of transparency in the budgetary process. In less than a week, over 300 individuals have signed the online petition and sent nearly 1,700 emails to VCU leaders calling on them to stop the tuition hike.