Campus Advocacy & Student Engagement

Since 2018, we have actively engaged students on college campuses throughout Virginia about college affordability issues and elevated their voices to change state and institutional policies and practices.

Building Campus Movements

We regularly meet with student leaders, student trustees, campus advocacy networks, and campus media representatives.

We hired two camps coordinators with diverse political and advocacy backgrounds at the University of Virginia (UVA) and Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU).

We contributed to student op-eds and news articles in campus publications to inform students of upcoming decisions that impact college affordability.

In 2019, we ran digital advocacy campaigns at targeted campuses in Virginia, generating emails to institutional decision-makers and building grassroots support for our “fund and freeze” initiative.

Deploying Student Advocates

In response to a proposed tuition and fee increase at VCU in 2018, we launched a digital advocacy campaign that resulted in over 300 petition signatures and 1,700 emails to institutional leaders.

We partnered with a diverse group of VCU student organizations to release a statement expressing students’ “unwavering opposition” to the proposed tuition increase.

Following our 2018 advocacy campaign, the VCU Board of Visitors allowed students to provide comments during its 2019 Budget Workshop.

During Virginia’s 2019 legislative session, we hosted a lobby day event with students across multiple public institutions and recruited them to testify during legislative committee and subcommittee meetings.

The Problem

Learn more about the student debt and college affordability crisis that these policies aim to help solve.


State Stats

Explore our extensive research to see how college affordability issues are impacting you and your state directly.


Join the Movement

The cost of higher education has risen out of control. We must do more to make quality public education affordable for all students and restore trust in our institutions. If you agree, sign your name here.

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