Our Public Policy Agenda

Pursuing college affordability is a shared responsibility between the federal government, state governments, and colleges and universities. All players must take intentional, coordinated steps to ensure that costs are not disproportionately borne by students and families. A robust public policy framework can strengthen this shared responsibility.

We believe a robust college affordability public policy agenda should address all aspects of the problem. Our focus is on root causes of skyrocketing prices that have led to the student debt crisis. The guiding question for our public policy agenda is: How can we better use public policy to increase the value of a college education by maintaining educational quality while reducing costs for students and families? As such, our public policy agenda addresses the interrelated domains below.
Policy Domain 1. Transparency
Policy Domain 2. Strategic Institutional Finance
Policy Domain 3. Strategic Public Funding
Policy Domain 4. Public Engagement and Accountability
Policy Domain 5. Institutional Governance
Policy Domain 6. Affordable Pathways
Policy Domain 7. Innovation

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