What We Do

· We advocate for changes in public policy
· We accelerate the adoption of institutional best practices
· We empower and amplify the public voice

Changes in Public Policy

We have demonstrated our ability to build bipartisan support among a diverse set of stakeholders in our pilot state of Virginia to advocate for changes to public policies to make college more affordable. In the coming years, we will work with partners in more states to achieve public policy victories on behalf of students and families.

To scale this work, we are building a first-of-its kind resource center to help our partners advocate for more affordable college. Our Policy Action Center for College Affordability will include reports, issue briefs, and fact sheets summarizing important research and recommending public policy solutions. These resources will help ensure that solutions are based on credible evidence. In addition, our advocacy guides and other materials will empower our coalition partners with the information and tools they need to be effective advocates for affordable college in their states.

Adoption of Institutional Best Practice

Many colleges and universities have identified ways to provide a high-quality education to their students at a lower cost. We want to learn about what already works and accelerate the widespread adoption of those proven solutions. We also want to connect institutions so they can help each other adapt solutions to their unique contexts. We want to facilitate an active learning community of institutional leaders who share our commitment to making college more affordable.  

Additionally, we want our public policy advocacy campaigns to be informed by the real-world experiences of higher education leaders—particularly trustees, presidents, and other senior administrators. Too many well-intentioned policy ideas sound good on paper but don’t work in practice. Public policies should be informed and improved by the experiences of the people and organizations they affect.

Empowering and Amplifying the Public Voice

Our public colleges and universities play a vital role in our democracy and in our economy. They make sure that all Americans, regardless of their personal wealth, can access the benefits and advantages of higher education. We all have a stake in their ability to fulfill that vital mission. We work to ensure that our public colleges and universities are responsive and accountable to an informed and engaged public.  

We work with students on college campuses to engage them directly in both our public policy work and our institutional best practices work. We empower them with the information and support they need to be well-informed, articulate, and passionate advocates for affordable college. The cost of college impacts them the most. They have a voice. It needs to be heard.  

In addition to our work on campuses, we are also giving family members of students, grassroots advocacy organizations, and the broader public a voice in the dialogue about affordable college. We work with these partners to involve them in the development of our public policy solutions and actively engage them in our campaigns to make those solutions a reality.

The Problem

Learn more about the student debt and college affordability crisis that these policies aim to help solve.


State Stats

Explore our extensive research to see how college affordability issues are impacting you and your state directly.


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The cost of higher education has risen out of control. We must do more to make quality public education affordable for all students and restore trust in our institutions. If you agree, sign your name here.

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